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The latest pictures 16.09.2001


Allatorp bl. 81



Older house, 1 plan, with basement
Build in: 1948.


Area app 67 mē, 3 room where of  1 bedroom.

Basement app 66 mē
Land 4496 mē, Garden, mountain and forest.


OK house for 2 persons. Quiet, sunny and warm placement. 10 min. by car to Karlskrona

Building method

Ground: Cement. Supporting structure of wood. Outer layer of bricks. Roof: Concrete plates. attached windows. 

Normal TV-antenna. Water and sourer: Private */. Ventilation: Selfdrag.
Heating: central heating for: Oil, wood or electricity.


The house is in good condition but needs a make over.

The basic quality of the building is good.

Today the estate has its own water from a dug well, and has a common sourer with the closest houses. 

The sourer will be demanded attached to a public sourer.


Inside the house contain 2 living rooms in connection. 1 bedroom, kitchen, hall and small toilet, door to an inglassed veranda. In the basement is a guest room, washing room, bath room, storage room, sauna, and boiler room.

Other buildings: 2 Sheds.


The garden has a variety of apple, pear, and plum trees, roses, and other flowers.

A supporting wall against the road. South of the house is a small wood, and to the north a small mountain belonging to the house, here there are found orchids some years.

Road decription

10 km N. of Karlskrona

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